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Site plan deal for Vista Blue condo development in Tottenham

Posted March 5, 2018

New Tecumseth councillors are expected to approve a site plan agreement tonight guiding construction of the proposed six-storey, 62-unit, Vista Blue condominium at 64 Queen St. S in Tottenham.

The proponent, Doug Gray, who also developed Victoria Place in Alliston and is under construction with Patterson Park Condos in Beeton, expects construction to take 18 months to two years to complete once building permits are issued. The agreement provides a three year construction period before a termination clause kicks-in.

There will be 55 two-bedroom and seven one-bedroom suites, an elevator, and parking for 109 vehicles.

Vista Blue's site plan application was first submitted in May 2015, and is currently on its sixth revision addressing issues such as "site access from Dillane Street West to Queen Street South, confirmation of existing easements on the site and adjacent private properties, revising the conveyance scheme for external flows that are discharged onto the site, and provision of an improved cul de sac on Dillane Street West."

The tallest residential building in Tottenham once constructed, will generate a total of $1,936,768 in development charges: Municipal $1,524,299; County, $305,357 and Education, $107,299. There's also tree compensation of $72,270, in addition to the pending building permit fees.

Access to the site is proposed to be provided by one 7.5m wide driveway located on the west side of the Queen Street South right of way. As a result, two on street parking spaces will be eliminated to accommodate it.

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