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Value Centres appeal hearing adjourned

Posted October 11, 2017

An OMB hearing scheduled to begin this morning to deal with Value Centres appeal (dating back to 2013) was adjourned at request of the appellant's lawyer, Christian Piersanti in an Oct. 5th letter to the Board.

Value Centres (Morgan Piersanti), whose subject site is located on Industrial Parkway and County Road 10 in Alliston, was part of the original OMB hearing that approved SmartCentres/Walmart. It was OMB approved plaza that was to be anchored by a 'big box' hardware store. It never materialized.

The plans were revised including what was pictured in the concept design with a Metro grocery store as its new anchor. Piersanti was seeking relief to reduce minimum required front, rear and exterior side yards and permit two additional uses within the holding zone, including the grocery store. Piersanti appealed the "non decision" by New Tecumseth.

Pictured above the 2013 concept of the Value Centres proposal.

At this post there was no reason confirmed why the adjournment was requested, but Mr. Piersanti, recently wrapped up two weeks of an OMB hearing launched by the Piersanti's who own Tottenham Mall and the Foodland/Home Hardware plaza. They appealed Ballymore's multi-unit commercial development proposal anchored by a grocery store in Tottenham. A decision has not yet been released.

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