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Council to deal with deputy mayor vacancy Aug. 21 meeting

Posted August 9, 2017

For the first time since the 1991 amalgamation, New Tecumseth is dealing with the death of a sitting member of council, deputy mayor Jamie Smith, triggering a process guided by the Municipal Act for filling vacancies.

In Mr. Smith's case, as deputy mayor, he also served as County councillor, which is a key component considering the County weighted recorded vote system.

The Municipal Act states "If the office of a member of a council becomes vacant under section 259, the council shall at its next meeting declare the office to be vacant, except if a vacancy occurs as a result of the death of a member, the declaration may be made at either of its next two meetings."

Mayor Rick Milne told Free Press Online this morning council is scheduled to deal with the matter at the next meeting, Aug. 22.

The Municipal Act provides a 60 day window from the day a declaration of vacancy is made, to either appoint a person to fill the vacancy, or pass a by-law requiring a by-election.

A by-election is the least likely scenario since 2018 is an election year. Council can appoint from within their own ranks to fill the County seat. There is no requirement to name a deputy mayor for municipal purposes.

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