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Reprieve for Tottenham tower, for now

Posted May 16, 2017

Tottenham's 103-year-old decommissioned water tower has been granted an opportunity to remain standing at least through September while potential funding sources are scoured to save it.

Ward 8 councillor Chris Ross, who two weeks ago moved the motion to demolish it, last night asked for the additional time in light of a backlash from Tottenham residents who consider the tower "iconic" and a heritage piece of their landscape.

The RJ Burnside review of the near 100 ft high structure, concluded the repairs required are at the base connections and localized replacement of other deteriorated structural components. Cost estimates the painting process to run at least $250,000; structural repairs, $70k; electrical, $16k; fencing, $10.5k; tree removal, $10k; engineering services, $37.5k. With contingencies and taxes, the project cost rings in at $512k.

The previous council decision to demolish it was based on the full costing of half million dollars.

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