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Tottenham Mall owner files new OMB appeal against gas station

Posted January 9, 2018

A proposed new service station and convenience store on Queen Street in Tottenham faces new delays following an OMB appeal filed by Justin Piersanti, owner of the adjacent Tottenham Mall, opposed to a minor variance granted in November by New Tecumseth's Committee of Adjustment (CofA).

PetroGold, which owns the merged properties at 47 & 51 Queen Street South in Tottenham, received approval to redefine the front property line and reduce the minimum required front yard setback from 9.0m to 6.0m; reduced the required number of parking spaces from eight to six; and reduced the minimum required interior side yard setback from 6.0m to 0.0m.

According to the appeal application, "The Tottenham Mall is concerned of migration of hydrocarbons, and the movement of traffic on the site onto Queen St. S. immediately adjacent to its site."

Mr. Piersanti now has three active OMB appeals underway in New Tecumseth including Ballymore's No Frills plaza in Tottenham (whose decision is imminent); and the Value Centres proposal on Victoria Street E, in Alliston.

In this case, the parking requirement reduction is a key concern, with the appeal application suggesting nine spaces should be required, not eight, because "The canopy is a structure, and its area must be taken into account for parking calculations." It's also suggested the proposal does not conform to the Zoning By-law, and the changes "are not minor."

"In any event, the lack of parking will only mean that the customers of the gas bar are going to park on the Tottenham Mall parking. This already happened in the past and even continues with the convenience store property on the south side at 60 Queen St. S," according to the appeal, filed with the OMB Dec. 22, 2017. "Our client objects to this, and this development should not proceed without proper parking. The Vince's Market has recently opened, and the parking area abutting this 47-51 Queen St. S. is its main parking area given the new entrance to Vinces. It is constantly full of cars, and taking even 2-3 cars is critical."

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