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Process underway to replace Tottenham arena floor

Posted July 10, 2018

Moon-Matz Consulting Engineers Ltd. has been awarded a $98,490 contract for engineering services for the Tottenham Community and Fitness Centre's arena pad, header and chiller replacement.

The over 40-year-old floor is beyond repair and the engineering services are the first phase to its replacement, which is expected to take place in 2019.

"There has been evidence of brine, which is circulated below in the arena concrete slab through pipes to freeze the ice, frequently leaking which melts the ice, and makes the ice surface unplayable in areas of the leak," according to the report to council. "The scope of the project includes the replacement of the pipes, concrete slab, header and chiller, as well as changing the refrigeration system from brine to glycol, and constructing an ice melting pit for the ice from the re-surfacer. The project also includes reviewing a re-configuration of the changerooms and re-surfacer room to tie in with safer access to the outdoor ice pad."

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