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New fire station estimated price tag climbs by $850k to $6.2 million

Posted February 9, 2018

New Tecumseth councillors will be asked Monday night to approve moving forward with the RFP for design and contract management services to build Fire Station #4 adjacent to the regional sewage treatment plant at 6315 & 6375 14th Line. A .66 hectare parcel would be severed off the public works site.

The terms of the proposed station, to service the east end of Alliston including Treetops, and the Briars communities, are presented in the Site  Suitability  Study prepared by Gerrits Engineering, which issued its final report on Nov. 29, 2017. It provides an overview of issues including zoning, concept site plans, storm water management, water and wastewater services, site options, traffic analysis, and utilities.

It offered three options for the building's layout on the property, and the preferred one is Option 3 because it won't impair the ability to expand the sewage plant, and provides property to redirect the driveway access into the Geoff Gaston Fields directly to the 14th Line.

The size of the station is also proposed to grow from 11,000 sq. ft to 12,600 sq ft, as well 1,400 sq ft of exterior storage area, adding $850,000 increasing the estimated total cost to $6.2 million. The additional $850,000 would be included in the 2019 capital budget - though a funding source has not been identified.

The additional space is to accommodate the NT Fire's administration, serving as its headquarters, centralized stores including interior/exterior storage and an Emergency Operations Centre of adequate size and technically outfitted to coordinate and manage short term or long duration community emergencies.

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