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A 'Share the Road' program comes with $9 million price tag

Posted November 27, 2017

In September 2016, Ward 7 councillor Shira Harrison McIntyre secured council approval to direct staff to investigate the feasibility of a 'Share the Road' pilot project starting at Highway 9 and Sideroad 20, traveling north to the 5th Line and then west on the 5th Line to the Adjala-Tecumseth Townline and then north to County Road 14.

A report to council on tonight's agenda estimates it would cost over $9 million to construct a one-meter wide shoulder along the 18.5 km length.

There's a 15 km stretch on Sideroad 20 from Highway 9 to 5th Line and roadway segments of 5th Line from Sideroad 20 to County Road 10/Tottenham Road; and, 3.5 km length of 5th Line from County Road 10/Tottenham Road to Townline and Townline from 5th Line to County Road 14.

"The Town will be issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Multi-Model Transportation Master Plan (TMP) in 2018," according to the report. "An option for Council would be that the bicycle/multi-modal routes be studied in the TMP, and Policy be drafted to help direct future bicycle infrastructure. It is anticipated that these types of projects will be addressed at the time of the respective roadway reconstruction for the various segments of roadways. TMP will develop
policies for Council to endorse to identify how bicycle paths and lanes will be implemented in future. Linking three communities would be a priority by bicycle routes which may use the connection through existing and future trails network. The inclusion of bicycle network in TMP will ensure the works are more holistically planned & policies to support bicycle network

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