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Ambulance replaced by Rapid Response Unit in Tottenham

Posted January 30, 2019

The Director and Chief of Simcoe County's Paramedic Services told Free Press Online this afternoon the decision to replace a transport ambulance with a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in Tottenham will improve emergency services because it does not leave the community during its 12-hour shift.

In an email to Free Press Online, Andrew Robert said ambulances as the one stationed in Tottenham until recently are routintely pulled out of areas to respond to calls and transport patients to the hospital.

"As a result, the RRU (which does not leave to transport patients) is more consistent for response time in the assigned area," wrote Mr. Robert. "The RRU is staffed with a fully certified and equipped paramedic who can provide sophisticate levels of assessment and treatment while the transport capable ambulance is  on route. When the transport ambulance arrives, the patient has many times had a complete assessment and potential treatment applied with a care plan in place. Care for the patient is transferred to the transport paramedics and the RRU remains in the community for the next call."

He noted the RRU system "has been shown to reduce response times to patients and also reduces total time from 911 call to arrival at the hospital."
"In addition to this, the 12 hour ambulance that is being moved will be assigned to Beeton during the night time where there is currently no such resource in place.  This will improve night shift responses across the area including Tottenham."

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