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Public meeting for new Baxter subdivision tonight

Posted March 7, 2018

Essa council is holding a public meeting tonight at 6 pm for an application by Brookfield Homes to amend setbacks and lot coverage creating three lot sizes for its 253 unit residential development in Baxter.

Brookfield Homes purchased the C.L. Marshall Farms draft plan approved property in March 2010, and has been

The proposed zoning bylaw amendments would permit 127 lots with 18 m (60 ft) frontages; 79 lots, 15 m (50 ft); and 47 lots, 12 m (40 ft).  is seeking to add 12m and 15m frontages to the standard 18m requirement. Additional reductions are being sought for the various setbacks.

Brookfield is financing through front-end, best effort cost recovery arrangements for water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades, including enough capacity to accommodate the current population in Baxter.

The subdivision will also feature a 2.3 hecatre park development ahead of the residential development that will include a dog park, playground, splash pad, basketball court, washroom, parking, asphalt trails, gazebo, and picnic area.

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