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Nelson pit agreement up for ratification tonight

Posted March 12, 2018

Adjala Tosorontio council is expected tonight to ratify the development agreement between the Township and Nelson Aggregates Co. for the OMB approved gravel pit near Everett.

The draft agreement incorporates conditions imposed by the OMB ruling released in January. Nelson Aggregate's subject site is 72.80 ha (180 acres) at Part Lots 6 and 7, Concession 4. At its peak, the operation is to extract annually upto one million tonnes of aggregate over 51.49 hectares (127.24 acres), below the groundwater table.

The Concerned Citizens in Adjala Tosorontio (CCAT) Inc. have applied to Divisional Court seeking a motion for leave to appeal the OMB's decision.

In the interim, the group has focused on the agreement, which in a message to its membership list, suggested it "was obviously written by Nelson Aggregates."

CCAT sets out five key concerns including: 1. Initial costs for Sideroad 5 could amount to $500k; Required bond of $20 million to protect against loss of wells, aquifer, groundwater, flooding, waterways, dust, third party liability, accidental deaths; Loss/actions regarding the Municipal Drain; Hydro One has not signed off on the pit; and The Township engineers (Burnside) did not review and report on the final site plans.

"At this point, the most important concerns for our community is the Agreement with Nelson Aggregates (Lafarge)," according to the email. "There are virtually no protections for Adjala Tosorontio from the standpoint of financial or environmental costs to taxpayers."

In a separate report it shows the Township's cost to defend its decision at the OMB was $13,343 between Dec. 2016 to Dec. 2017. The Township's lawyer is Jay Feehely.

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