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Oxnard to meet DC payment deadline for Alliston development

Posted April 13, 2018

Oxnard Development Inc. expects to meet its development charges obligation of approximately $1 million by May 25 to continue building its Kings Gate subdivision at Industrial Parkway and King Street in Alliston.

On Monday night, New Tecumseth councillors rejected the builder's request to delay payment covering the water, wastewater, and transportation component required for its phase two of a 59 unit development adjacent to Kingsmere.

Negar Javaherian, Project Coordinator, Oxnard Development Inc. had told councillors they were seeking the deferral, blaming a softening housing market on provincial and federal government policies, for their only selling two houses since October 2017. But council was concerned about the precendent it would set, fearing other developers would line up for the same request.

"This is not going to change our plan," Ms. Javaherian wrote in an email reply to Free Press Online. "Although we were hoping to get relief from the payment of DCs, we will pay it by the due date and we will continue forward with our site."

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