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'Animal contact' and high winds cited for recent power outages

Posted December 6, 2017

Last Sunday night, 565 Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) customers in Beeton were without power for approximately two hours. Last night, 4,652 customers in the Beeton and Tottenham areas suffered power outages for several hours, not restored until early this morning.

Eric Fagen, Alectra's Director, External Communications, told Free Press Online via email this morning the causes are unrelated. Alectra serves New Tecumseth's urban areas of Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham. Rural is served by Hydro One.

"The outages last night were the result of high winds in the area causing a tree branch to fall on the 44kV line in Tottenham. This also affected Beeton. The issue in Tottenham was isolated and Beeton restored to service. Once the tree was cleared, Tottenham was restored to service," wrote Mr. Fagen. "The recent outages in Beeton before last night were related to animal contact (squirrel)."

"Animal contact" according to Alectra's web site is typically due to birds, squirrels and raccoons that utilize the primary distribution system as travel paths or landing spots.

"Plans are underway to put additional animal/squirrel guards (pictured below) on equipment to prevent this from reoccurring," he added.

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