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County looks to reject speed limit reductions in Essa

Posted October 7, 2019

Simcoe County's engineering department is recommending council retain existing speed limits along portions of Cty Rd 90 in Angus, and Cty Rd 27 in Thornton.

Essa Council passed resolutions asking the County to lower current 70 km/h speed limit to 60 km/h on Cty Rd 90 from Turnbull Road easterly to Don Ross Road. As well, consider extending the current 50 km/h speed zone further north of Thornton on County Road 27 to the Thornton Union Cemetery approximately 500m.

The stretch of Cty Rd 90 was recently widened from two to fives lanes including a centre left turn lane to facilitate safer turns into commercial and residential entrances. One of the major concerns involved school bus stops, and drivers in the opposite direction not stopping when lights flashing."

"Subsequently additional roadway signage was added at four locations on County Road 90 advising motorists of the requirement to stop for school buses in both directions when their signals are flashing," according to the Staff report to County councillors. "The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium was contacted regarding the bus stops. The County was advised that following the construction the process in which students are picked up changed due to the extra lanes that were added to the roadway. All students are now picked up on the door side of the bus and crossing of the roadway by students at any bus stop location on County Road 90 is not required."

In Thornton, staff noted data collected "93 per cent of all drivers were observed travelling at or below the existing posted speed limit of 80 km/h. The results re-inforce the fact that the majority of drivers will drive at a speed that they deem safe and reasonable given their surroundings and that the 85th percentile speed (77 km/h) is a good indicator of what the posted speed limit should be."

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