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New Tecumseth, Collingwood reach cost share deal on water plant repairs

Posted November 10, 2017

New Tecumseth will contribute $531,937.15 to Collingwood as part of a cost share deal for replacement of membranes at the Raymond A. Barker Water Filtration Plant.

The split is based on 2015 flow rates which showed New Tecumseth used 44.7 per cent of the total plant flows that year.

New Tecumseth's share will be funded with $355,177.50 from the Clean Water & Wastewater Fund grant and $176,759.65 (plus applicable HST) from the Water Asset Replacement Reserve.

"The existing membranes in the plant are long past their lifecycle and are in need of replacement to ensure the ongoing provision of drinking water," according to CAO Blaine Parkin's report to council. "The Town's share of the planned membrane replacement was originally estimated to be $473,570 (plus applicable HST). However, since that time Collingwood has informed the Town that an additional section of membranes had to be replaced as a result of an unexpected failure."

In a separate report to councillors, John Davis, New Tecumseth's Manager of Water & Wastewater, notes a July 21 break in the pipeline cost $78,591 to repair as it required outsourcing to complete the task. The "service interuption" required Alliston's groundwater wells to supplment the supply including to Beeton.

There was no general public notification. However, Mr. Davis's report notes that similar occurances in the future will "include notification via the Town's social media accounts."

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