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'Stretch to say this tower is a danger and could blow over'

to the editor,

Posted May 8, 2017

I was very dismayed to learn our council has decided to demolish our water tower and sell the land to a developer.

Why? This tower which is and has been an icon for the community of Tottenham for over 100 years was completely renovated less than 20 years ago (sand blasted, painted and many parts renewed).

To say this tower is a danger and could blow over in a windstorm  is really a stretch.

This has happened before. Several years ago Alliston councillors presented a plan to demolish the Alliston Memorial Arena and sell the land to developers for housing. Their reasoning was "to enhance the downtown core."

They presented ridiculous numbers (same thing?) to repair the arena and make it safe (up to $750,000) after an engineers report estimated $25,000 to make it safe (some difference). Their first report suggested replacing the roof for $250,000 rather than spend $2,000 to caulk the seam that was leaking.

When delegations of concerned citizens arrived in council chambers, common sense finally prevailed and they preserved this icon of Alliston.

Maybe our tower does not have the asthetics to blend into future plans of the developer. There are no net gains for our citizens in Tottenham by doing this.

For many years our community badges displayed our  tower, the mill and our pond. Our mill was destroyed by vandals. Let's not let them destroy our tower or maybe they will be draining our pond next (maybe for a swamp housing project).

I do know something about corrosion (I worked 65 years dealing with and solving this problem) It is easy to justify any decision but maybe a little harder to show respect and empathy for our history and the great community spirit that always existed in Tottenham.

Please Leave it Alone.

Jim Stone

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