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'Be aware of pedestrians and the laws that protect them'

to the editor,

Posted September 8, 2017

It's common sense to most of us that pedestrians have the right of way, however not everyone seems to respect the pedestrian.

On Thurs., Sept. 7, I found myself in a very scary situation at the four corners in Tottenham. I was carrying my 14 month old daughter. We pressed the crosswalk button on the southwest corner and patiently waited for the light to change to safely cross Queen Street.

When the light turned green, and the pedestrian crossing sign gave me its blessing, we began to proceed to cross. To our left was a transport truck heading east straight through the intersection, on the other side of the intersection was a white car facing west.

When the light turned green (and the pedestrian signal turned white) the white car quickly accelerated to make a left turn in front of the slow truck. Holding my daughter as we were crossing I saw this car coming straight at us. I physically had to jump back holding my daughter fearing this car was going to strike us. So at this point the car is now blocking the intersection, holding up traffic waiting for me to make a second attempt at crossing.

It takes something pretty serious for me to feel fear, but I can say I felt the fear watching this car come towards us.

I don't know if she just was not aware I was crossing while she pulled this stunt, or if she was trying to time it to pass closely between myself and the truck. Either way, it's unacceptable.

If she was aware I was crossing, and just tried to time her turn for the moment I made it across half of the road then she needs a reminder, and it's a good opportunity for everyone to be reminded, there is a law in Ontario which became enforceable September 1. You must allow the pedestrian to complete the full crossing before proceeding through the crossing. Especially now that school is back on, drivers need to be aware of this.

What if it was a young child crossing the street? Smaller body size reduces the visibility, and the young brain isn't as aware of its surroundings. This instance could have been a fatal situation.

The driver of the transport truck signalled to me that he captured it all on his dash cam. I wish I could see this from his perspective.

Drive safe, and be aware of pedestrians and the laws that protect them.

Curtis Sluman

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