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Gore 'has had a great career talking to sponges'

to the editor,

Posted June 17, 2019

Charles Bryant (no relation) sent an excellent rebuttal to the nonsense that has been going on for over 20 years starting with Al Gore. He said there would be no ice in the Arctic in 2006 and the world will warm up to two degrees celsius, never happened. Meanwhile he has had a great career talking to sponges willing to pay him for the "expertise" only a politician can have on this planet's climate.

Charles is right when he noted there is only 3.6 per cent of carbon in the atmosphere, but what scientists won't tell you is that the C02 is on an algorithmic scale, meaning the first million tons of C02 released into the atmosphere fills it with, say hypothetically five per cent and on and on until that same first amount will only give you a decreasing percentage until it is saturated.

So the graph looks like a large increase at the start and then slowly leveling off at the saturation point. The trouble is when you double the amount it only gets you a small increase as the atmosphere is filled with C02. The computer models still only come up with a range of atmospheric warming but it is just guessing.

The real question is this: Do we have a highly sensitive climate or a low sensitive climate? Scientists disagree on which one we have and the arguments for and against are controversial. That's a problem.

The second problem with a highly sensitive climate is the astronomical theory or "Milankovitch Theory" which has a weak premise of the sunlight causing ice ages and heat cycles. Fred Hoyle has ridiculed this theory for this reason. If you do a search for the Milankovitch Theory you will find over 100,000 results. They all assume this theory is true. When your tenure relies on you towing the party line you will say the right thing.

In the end we all want to take care of this planet we are on although I fear some are more concerned with looking good than doing anything about it.

If people are so concerned with "Global Warming" then put your money where your mouth is and stop driving a car, use a horse, give up all fossil fuels and show us how committed you are to this "catastrophe." Forget about a carbon tax, it is just a tax.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a New York State senator says the world will end in 12 years, so better get busy.

Stewart Bryant

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