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'See the big picture and rethink this decision'

to the editor,

Posted May 10, 2017

Tottenham has seen incredible growth in the past year. Along with that growth are some growing pains for long time residents: increased traffic, loss of green space etc. All of these are to be expected.

On the heels of all this change, our council decides it prudent to destroy a long time icon of this village, the 103-year-old water tower, so further development can happen.

The water tower is a unique feature that greets visitors and residents. If it were a different kind of structure of the same vintage, it would be designated a historical building.

Why is the council so quick to decide that demolition is the only option? We must remember that demolition has a price tag as well.

Why not allow fundraising efforts to make the necessary repairs minus the demolition costs they were so quick to approve?

Better yet, we need to invest in our cultural heritage and maintain the vestiges of our small town roots. That is what is going to promote the charm and character needed to attract long term residents and tourists alike.

Council, it is time to see the big picture and rethink this decision.

Save our water tower.

Kerry McCabe

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