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'I am saddened to have witnessed this unnecessary event'

to the editor,

Posted May 17, 2018

I was present on May 15th at 2 pm for the reconvening of the monthly Adjala-Tosorontio council meeting.

The meeting quickly took a turn for the worse when Shelagh Finn took the podium for her entitled three minutes to point out that a simple error on the Township's website had occurred by our planning dept.

While other residents have reported to you what happened leading up to the three minutes and the OPP being called and arriving, I must share with you as I stayed in chambers until council came back in what occurred after. The mayor stated that public input was closed and to move onto next agenda item. As she was stating this, Ms. Finn was brought back into chambers with OPP in tow to collect her papers from the podium.

The mayor did not allow her to speak as Ms. Finn raised her voice to notify the mayor that what she stated was correct and there was an error.

Township planner Jacquie Tschekalin made a statement indicating "there was an incorrect address put on the web page however once link was clicked open it did open to correct site." The mayor acknowledged the comment however one would hope that given the circumstances Ms. Finn would have been brought back into chambers to witness this statement and given an apology to say the least. But no, they moved onto the next item on the agenda.

As for Ms. Finn I am saddened to have witnessed this unnecessary event on her. She deserves respect, to be heard and most of all a simple, "You were right and we made an error" offered by the Mayor of this township.

Instead we had a resident hauled away by the OPP and a roomful of residents shocked by the lack of ownership of the mayor and councillors to admit they were wrong and give this woman an apology.

Councillor Bob Meadows I close this letter with thanking you for supporting Ms. Finn and walking out of the meeting showing council and the mayor what truth really looks like in 2018.

Deborah Hall,

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