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'Yes, she will benefit from it being paved, so will I'

to the editor,

March 9, 2018

In response to Mr. de Wolde's letter to the editor, I would like to add the perspective of someone who actually lives in the area and uses the road on a regular basis.

I don't know where Mr. de Wolde lives, but I would venture a guess it's nowhere near Hwy 89 and the 20th Sideroad and he has likely rarely, if ever, had to use this stretch of road.

I however do live in this area, and I hate to break it to anyone, but more people than just the Jebbs use the 20th. I use it several times a week, it's my shortest, most direct route in to Cookstown and allows me to bypass the low speed zones and traffic I would encounter taking Hwy. 27.

That stretch of road is a pot hole filled disaster nearly all the time. There is actually quite a bit of traffic on this section, many people who want to go south on 27 from 89 and know the sideroads, use it in order to avoid the traffic in Cookstown. Rarely do I go through this stretch without passing other motorists.

While I wouldn't contend that it's an EDR for 400 directly, it does get quite busy in the summer with cottage traffic when 27 gets backed up or any time there is an accident or slow down on 27. There is a domino effect when 400 is closed, first 27 backs up, then we start seeing that spill onto sideroads like the 20th.

I can see it from my house and you always know when there is an issue on 27 because you will see a steady stream of traffic going down the 20th. When the Steam Show is on every August, on the 15th Line just east of the 20th Sideroad, this section of road sees a ton of traffic.

Should we make a note of every council member's address and neglect those sections of road on which they live? The contention that it's self serving for a councilor to support improvements to a road in her own ward is ridiculous.

Yes, she will benefit from it being paved, so will I, so will every tax payer living in our area who uses the road on a regular basis, and so will all that traffic that gets redirected when 27 is backed up.

Should I have to drive an extra seven or eight km to get to the Post Office just to avoid this section of terrible road because it happens to be in the area where Councillor Jebb lives?

Those who live in other areas of New Tec and never have to use this stretch of road seem to be the ones most vocal in their opposition. This is a well used section of road, and those of us living in rural areas have just as much right to good roads as those in town.

Kelli Edwards

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