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Jebb road project 'a misuse of taxpayers dollars'

to the editor,

March 8, 2018

It would appear paving the section of 20 Sideroad between Hwy 89 and the 15th Line is self-serving for Deputy Mayor Donna Jebb.

When the 400 Highway is closed due to a collision or other reasons, traffic is directed off the highway to road normally marked as an Emergency Detour Route (EDR). I do not believe Ms. Jebb's section of roadway is marked as an EDR.

When the 400 Highway is closed the majority of drivers revert to using Highway 27 or the 5th on the west side of the 400. So those who use 20 SR as suggested by Ms. Jebb, would be doing so at their own choice.

Therefore I agree with Councillors Richard Norcross and Michael Beattie that paving that section of roadway would be a misuse of taxpayers dollars.

Harry de Wolde

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