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'Hours of operation have actually increased not decreased'

to the editor,

Posted September 11, 2017

On June 11, community members took time and effort to make presentations to council with their concerns regarding the Nelson Aggregate Agreement.

Their important suggestions were not even considered in the document to be presented this evening. In fact, this new and improved version is even more egregious.

The linear trail at the Boyne River would be a joke, if it was not such a tragedy. Can you just imagine walking along a trail with your family, picnic in hand, to overlook noisy, operating machinery six days a week, breathe in spewing toxins with nary a bird in sight?

Wait just a minute, who owns this property now? Not Nelson Aggregate.

The Boyne is a meandering cold water fishery which actually changes it banks and floods. Who will be bear the cost of managing this ridiculous trail financially? We the taxpayers.

The $100,000 in-kind from Nelson? Please. Paying for a bulldozer, truck and manpower should cost closer to perhaps $10,000 for something this community does not want or need. We have our beautiful places to enjoy.

The hours of operation have actually increased not decreased.

The haul route on the 5th Sideroad will almost exclusively be utilized by approximately 480 gravel trucks per day and, we the taxpayers are expected to create this haul route and maintain it at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why? And, not to mention the millions of dollars for Cty Rd 13 and Cty Rd 50 roads and bridges, a cost shared by 16 communities in Simcoe County.

There are numerous other errors or omissions in this irresponsible agreement created for Nelson Aggregates Co.

I have sat through council meetings where dogs, pot and playgrounds were discussed ad nauseum, however, there has never been a discussion among councillors regarding the merits, adverse effects or negative outcomes of this pit. Therefore, it is very strange to me that this pit will prove to be the most costly environmental and financial disaster created by council.  After the 2F and 4F farmland is raped of water-cleansing gravel and sand, we can look forward to an Industrial Processing Plant on this site for the next 50 years and a point-of-no-return for the Boyne River (NVCA).

At the upcoming OMB hearing, certain members of council and staff will be subpoenaed to testify, questioned by lawyers and party representatives.

Passing this motion prior to the OMB Hearing, when this council is actually one of the accused in this matter, will definitely create more questions as to individual involvement in this debacle.

There is no financial benefit to our community. Our yearly income from operating pits in Adj/Tos was $7,000, hardly enough to fill pot holes.

Only a chosen few will be financially rewarded for the devastation caused to those in our entire community.

Janet Budgell

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