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At the end, 'we wouldn't change it for anything'

to the editor,

Posted March 14, 2017

Last Saturday evening, my youngest son Mark played his final game in minor hockey, thus concluding 15 years of watching my kids play the sport.

My wife Rachel and I have three boys: Ian, Jack and Mark, who all played for TNT. At one point, all three were playing Rep hockey, which meant lots of travel, coffees, Gatorades and schedule coordination. And we could not have done it without assistance from other parents.

What I can tell you about the experience, is that we wouldn't change it for anything. It was a complete blast. Without minor hockey, we would never have had the opportunity to meet such a fantastic group of people, many of whom we call close personal friends.

Sure there was a high cost financially and less time spent together as an entire family, but we were always with family no matter where we went.

We have been all over Ontario and parts of the U.S with hockey. We have played in close to 50 arenas and drank some good coffee and ate some great fries over the years.

We have stayed in some dives and some very nice hotels, but there was always a friendly face, a cold one in the hallway, and some nice and not so nice security guards. Not to mention, some classic stories over the years.

We are going to miss those times, but will cherish the memories and the great people we have met, and are extremely proud to say we are from New Tecumseth and played for TNT.

Having said that, Rachel and I would like to thank the TNT organization for 15 wonderful years. During this time I have assisted where I could, either on the bench or on the board.

The hardest part was leaving the bench, because there is nothing like it. Our boys have had nothing but great coaches and teammates, and were always treated with respect.

We would like to especially thank Donna Horan who has President of TNT since we began. TNT is a great organization, and there have been so many volunteers over the years that have given their time, energy, and yes their money, and expected nothing in return.

We came to New Tecumseth 27 years ago, both having grown up in other cities in Ontario and not knowing anyone. But we made a choice to get involved in our community and not just sit around, and we have never regretted that decision because of the people we have had to opportunity to get to know and to call friends, and to watch our boys play the great game of hockey.

Ted Blowes

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