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'Light at the end of the tunnel is an election year'

to the editor,

March 9, 2018

I attended the 'special' Adjala Tosorontio council meeting on March 2, 2018 which prompted me to write a letter to all council members with concerns I have with Township staff suggesting a March 12, 2018 decision date in approving or denying the Nelson Aggregates gravel pit development agreement.

My concerns are as follows: At least three of the councillors stated they had not yet received a copy of the new agreement which only left them 10 days (March 2 to March 12) to read, review, research and make any revisions they find necessary to the new agreement. Some revisions may require the advice of experts who may not be available in that 10 day time span.

The Planning Director stated she had given Council plenty of time to make revisions to what had been proposed. When one of the councillors advised her he had sent a list of revisions and he received no reply, her response was she was not aware that he had sent it. Since she is now aware of it, this needs to be addressed before a decision can be made.

The Planning Director, backed by an infrastructure expert, stated at the meeting there is no municipal drain on the gravel pit site. It is considered a ditch and not a drain. This contradicts evidence from experts at the OMB hearing stating there is a municipal drain on the site.

The testimony of expert witnesses at the OMB hearing should not be ignored because this infrastructure expert disputes their findings. It needs to be determined if in fact there is a municipal drain on site. This cannot be determined in 10 days.

Given the short time frame suggested by staff to make a decision, and that complete information on the ever-changing agreement has yet to be received and reviewed by council, I suggested that a decision on March 12, 2018 is premature.

My letter was emailed to all council members on Monday, March 5th and to date (March 9), my concerns have not been addressed by any council member.

In fact, only one council member acknowledged receiving my email. Is this the way our council handles the concerns of residents on time-sensitive issues?

I suppose the light at the end of the tunnel is that this is an election year. Vote wisely.

Donna Bissonnette

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