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Jebb secures funding to pave road close to her farm property

Posted November 30, 2017

A 250 metre stretch of 20 Sideroad between Hwy 89 and the 15th Line was added yesterday morning to the 2018 draft budget for paving at an estimated cost of $96,700.

The road section, listed as the 280th priority in the 2014 roads needs study (update expected in 2018), was the compromise deputy mayor Donna Jebb accepted as she initially also pushed for paving the 20th SR between the 15th and 14th, (350th on the list), at a cost of $364,100.  Ms Jebb's farm property (pictured above) is located at south west corner of the 20th and 15th.

She reminded councillors that earlier this year, there were two deputations from her neighbours who live "below the 15th" had also requested the road be paved.

Ms. Jebb said the 15th Line and 20 SR become detour routes when Hwy 89 is closed east or west of the 20th.

"For example, on Saturday night (Nov. 25), Cookstown closed down the road for their Santa Claus parade so it was five minutes for me to try and get off the 15th Line and onto the 20th  because the traffic is coming off Hwy 89," she said. "As more accidents happen, our road, although it's a secondary road, it gets used as if it is a primary road -  the traffic and the speeds are crazy... So this is becoming more and more of an issue with traffic and safety."

The budget sheet identified taxation as the source of funding for the entire road. Instead, the $96k will be drawn from the gas tax reserve fund.

"We have a roads need study that I'm reminded year after year we need to follow," said Ward 2 councillor Michael Beattie. "I cannot and will not support a two percent tax increase. We have a roads needs study, if this is how we're going to do our roads, we might as well as throw it away."

Ms. Jebb countered by asking where on the priority list was MacKenzie Street that Mr. Beattie had championed for rehabilitation. It was 86th.

A section of the 7th Line, Lilly Street, and Church Street North were referenced as the highest priorities on the current list.

Ward 6 councillor Richard Norcross said there were no houses on the portion to be paved on the 20th, "so we're going to stick a piece of pavement in the middle of nowhere. ... I think $100,000 might be spent better where people are living."

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