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Innisfil moves to halve transit fares for low income residents

Posted October 29, 2019

Innisfil is introducing a Fair Transit Program starting in November for its low income residents who rely on the Town's public transit system, a mix of Uber and Barrie-Innisfil Taxi service.

Under the program, eligible households would receive a 50 per cent discount on all Innisfil Transit trips, two return trips (four free trips total) to and from the Innisfil Food Bank each
month, in addition to being exempt from the monthly limit of 30 trips. A trip to the food bank is $4 flat fee.

Innisfil's transit program was started in May 2017 becoming one of the first municipalities to utilize Uber as a public transit option.

Innisfil Transit fares are:
$4 for any trip to/from Innisfil Recreational Complex/Town Hall area;
$4 for any trip to/from the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library, Lakeshore branch (967 Innisfil beach Road);
$4 for any trip to/from the South Innisfil Community Centre (Lefroy);
$5 for any trip to/from closest GO bus stop along Yonge St;
$6 for any trip to/from Barrie South GO train station;
$6 for any trip to/from Innisfil Heights Employment Area and Highway 400 carpool lot;
When you travel anywhere else going within Innisfil boundaries you’ll save $4 off your fare.

Innisfil's 2019 budget allocated $885,806 for Innisfil Transit financed by $260,806 from the property tax levy, $318,827 from the Provincial Gas Tax program, the Alternative Revenue Source (ARS) funds and development charges. Average monthly trips number about 8,300.

"However, in order to ensure that the transit service remains on budget despite the service enhancements recommended in this report, Staff have been working with Uber to implement operational improvements to find immediate cost savings. This has included consideration for increasing the wait time within the Uber app before a rider's trip is confirmed in order to increase the proportion of trips that are matched," according to an Oct. 23rd report to Innisfil council. "For example, Uber has estimated that increasing this trip confirmation wait time from one minute currently to five minutes, could result in a total cost savings of up to eight per cent, while increasing it further to 10 minutes could result in an additional cost savings of up to three per cent. When calculating these percentages from an approximate budget of $900,000, this suggests that increasing the trip confirmation wait time will help cover the estimated additional costs of about $100,000 annually for implementing the Fair Transit Program."

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