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Sewage plant bearing failed last month in Everett

Posted July 6, 2017

Adjala Tosorontio was forced to make emergency repairs to its sewage treatment plant in Everett because of a bearing failure on the secondary Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) that caused effluent discharge to exceed its Ministry approved limits.

A report to council included on Monday night's agenda by Jim Moss, Public Works Superintendent, notes they were informed by OCWA (which operates the plant on behalf of the Township) of the problem on June 13. Mr. Moss adds Township staff met with OCWA and Barrie Welding to come up with options.

"Since the plant is planned to be decommissioned and the sewage pumped to the new plant at the north end of Everett that is to be built in coming years, a replacement of the current equipment was decided," according to Mr. Moss. "Emergency repairs were authorized by Staff on June 14. With the secondary contactor out of service it is likely that the plant discharge of effluent will be outside the limits of the Environmental Compliance Approval so a quick repair was necessary to avoid possible fines."

A waste hauler was brought in to remove the sewage which was taken off site to the Town of Blue Mountains Treatment Plant, so repairs could be made to the Everett plant, which were completed June 29.

"When the bearing were examined in was found that there was a failure of the seals which allowed moisture and corrosion into the bearings. ..... It was noted during the repairs that the steel tank itself that houses the RBC's and holds the sewage is starting to corrode and deteriorate on the underside of the decking which is going to eventually compromise the structure. This also could be having an effect now if the structure is flexing under the weight of all three stages of the RBC and pulling on the bearing alignment."

Also on Monday night's agenda is a report to council to retain the services of CIMA Canada Inc for Consulting related activities for Everett Wastewater Servicing to an upset limit of $53,925.

CIMA is proposing a new strategy that will focus on securing federal and provincial funding to solve sewage treatment problems for the current residents in Everett. Up to now, the Township had been focused on finding private partnership to finance, build, and operate a new plant for future residential growth. That process was spiked because of escalating costs as the process moved forward.

"The repairs to the plant have been completed allowing the operation of plant to return to normal. When the new sewage treatment plant is constructed by the developer, in the next few years, the Township should consider redirecting the sewage from the New Horizons Plant at the first opportunity."

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