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Sewage treatment, Conc. 6 reconstruction remain question marks in Everett

Posted November 7, 2017

Adjala Tosorontio council met in special session Monday afternoon for an update from FarSight Homes regarding the pre-servicing works and front ending agreements ahead of the approximate 660 proposed residential units in north end Everett.

The two biggest factors that remain outstanding involve the 6th Concession reconstruction, whose tenders came in overbudget and not awarded. As well, the fate of the New Horizons sewage treatment plant, and its potential decommissioning once a new treatment facility is constructed.

In particular, the Township and FarSight (which tookover the former R&M Homes proposal) need consensus on:
  • Earthworks Agreement (to allow tree clearing and minor site alteration);
  • Pre-Servicing Agreement (to allow portions of proposed infrastructure, including roads and water/sewer services, to begin being constructed);
  • External Works Agreement (to detail requirements for works to be done in conjunction with the proposed development but on properties outside of the subdivision lands);
  • Front Ending Agreement (to establish how costs will be distributed and identify expectations for future funding/reimbursement);
  • Subdivision Agreement (to detail items/requirements for the development of the subdivisions)
Ward 1 councillor Floyd Pinto, chair of the Township's Land Use Planning and Development committee told Free Press Online via email that FarSight told councillors they do not need the 6th Concession for the development, but, suggested it be either put back out to tender, or included in the development works "that could get us a better price."

"(FarSight) can use other routes like County Road 13 from the east side to avoid the traffic passing through the hamlet," said Mr. Pinto. "There are still many unanswered questions on the cost sharing as these agreements still have to be negotiated."

The bigger ticket item is the proposed new sewage plant to service the new residential developments, as well, hooking up current residents once New Horizons is decommissioned.

"At the end of the meeting Councillor (Scott) Anderson put a motion that the New Horizon plant be decommissioned once the new plant is operational. Councillor Meadows objected to this motion as this is a special meeting called for a presentation by the developer and was not called to discuss decommissioning the New Horizon plant," said Mr. Pinto. "At the end the Mayor ruled that Councilor Anderson's Motion was out of order. Councillor Meadows, Keenan and myself supported the Mayor. While Deputy Mayor Doug Little, Councillor Rose, Councillor Anderson voted in favor of the Motion. I informed council that if the procedure bylaw is to be followed it should be followed for all meetings and not just when it suits the council.""

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