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Funding approved to replace half century old watermains in Angus

Posted July 4, 2017

Essa Township will receive $413,471 from federal, and $206,736 from the province to help fund replacement of the ductile iron type watermain system within the Robson Subdivision (Sandsprings Cres., Berwick Cres., Ashburton Cres., Larkdale Cres.) in Angus.

The Township will contribute the difference being $225,043 to be paid for out of the
Water Reserves. Watermains within the Robson subdivision are over 50 years old. The replacement will cover 1,750 metres of pipe.

Since about 2015, the mains have experienced two "significant" breaks.

"Buildup of minerals and deposits in the ductile iron pipes are more difficult to remove during the Township swabbing program, because the minerals tend to bind to the iron easier than they would to a PVC pipe. Over time this may cause more minerals to be deposited into the drinking water."

The Ainley Group has been tapped to look after the design, the approvals, and consulting work on the project.

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