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Draft 2018 Essa tax levy up two per cent

Posted December 4, 2017

Essa Township ratepayers are facing an average tax increase of $47 over last year on a home with an assessed value of $320,250.

Councillors meet in special session on Wednesday (Dec. 6), 3:30 pm, to finalize a package that proposes an operating budget of $10,849,465, and capital amount of $6,020,466, that requires an overall levy of $6,350,795, an increase of of $122,426 or two per cent more than 2017.

The levy hike is offset by an estimated $2.9 million in federal payment in lieu of taxes for CFB Borden, and approximately $1 million in transfers from the Province.

Among the large capital projects are:
$850,000 for the new Baxter subdivision park, of which 90 per cent is from DCs; and
$400,000 for heavy rescue vehicle replacement, which $150k is from reserves.

Cut from the 2018 budget includes: $730k for street lights; $150 for Ivy ball diamond lights and clock tower repairs; $120k for asset management reserves; and $40k for full-time deputy fire chief.

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