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New development charges in Essa to public in May

Posted April 3, 2018

Essa Township's pending updated development charges fee schedule is expected to be subject of a public meeting in May, as the current rate structure expires in September.

The Township's DCs include area specific rates for the communities of Angus, Thornton, Baxter and the remaining areas. Currently, Angus DCs include all the components, while Thornton includes all except for wastewater. Baxter rates include wastewater but not water - though that's anticipated to change once the Brookfield development proceeds to connect to the New Tecumseth pipeline from Collingwood.

Below is the current DC fee schedule in Essa Township.

The Angus DC specific area is set to be expanded to include lands fronting along County Road 90, from Brentwood Road east to the 5th Line, McKinnon Road and the 5th Line, from County
Rd. 90 south to Centre Street. DCs would be collected to finance the installation of water and wastewater services.

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