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Work set to begin on drainage master plan

Posted September 9, 2019

Matrix Solutions will be awarded a $235,502 contract to begin phase one of a three part development of a town-wide drainage master plan.

The project will include a Lidar Survey, Hydraulic Modelling, Flood Mapping and Flood Risk Assessment. Phase two and three will include an Environmental Assessment to refine the phase one results and to determine preferred long term solutions to address drainage and storm water/flooding controls.

"The Town's drainage systems have typically been assessed on a piece-meal basis as part of development applications, road reconstruction designs, or sub-watershed master plans," according to the project's working sheet. "..... climate change has brought about an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events and that the intensity of storm events will likely continue to increase."

In 2018, the NVCA completed an integrated wastershed management plan, which will be used as "base data" in New Tecumseth.

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