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DC fees jeopardize apartment component of DQ rebuild

Posted April 2, 2019

The owner of the Dairy Queen at 2 King Street in Alliston wants to redevelop his property to accommodate a three storey mix use commercial residential building but development charges have him rethinking the apartment component.

Albert Benudiz told council last night that his plan is to rebuild Dairy Queen and add a couple more commercial units at the ground level, and also build eight, two-bedroom apartments on the top two floors.

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But DCs on the apartments Mr. Benudiz said would amount to about $320,000 enough to jeopardize the units. With the commercial DCs, the total is about $400,000.

His request was a 50 per cent cut in the apartments DCs.

"If the fees are not reduced, we might not be able to build the apartments," he said. "Only the commercial."

The proposal does not qualify for downtown redevelopment incentives because it's just outside the core designation. And, he said Simcoe County's offer to defer their share of DCs - about $5,000 per unit was conditional on his offering the apartments as "affordable" for at least 10 years.

Proposed rental rates are $1,300 to $1,400, where "affordable" would reduce it by about $400.

In the end, council rejected the rate reduction because of the precedent it would set. Instead, staff was directed to work with Mr. Benudiz to squeeze whatever programs are available to assist.

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