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Ground rules set for October 12th Deputy Mayor selection

Posted October 10, 2017

New Tecumseth councillors will gather Thursday night for a locally historic first ever vote to fill a council vacancy created by the Aug. 1 death of Deputy Mayor Jamie Smith, in New Tecumseth.

Last month councillors decided without discussion to fill the vacancy from among themselves to serve the remainder of this term as Deputy Mayor, which includes the seat at County Council.

Ward 5 councillor Donna Jebb, and Ward 6 councillor Richard Norcross were the only members to declare at the Sept. 12th deadline. They are required to notify the Clerk by 7 pm Oct. 11 whether they will address council, and can withdraw up to noon on October 12.

Provided the notification, Ms. Jebb and Mr. Norcross have up to 15 minutes to make a speech, afterwhich each member of council will be permitted to ask two questions of the candidate, who'll have two minutes for reply.

Once the questions and answer period is over, voting will take place as follows according to the Clerk:

"Each member of Council will vote utilizing a voting card provided by the Clerk with each Council member's name preprinted on the card. Members of Council will be asked to cast his or her vote by writing the full name of one candidate on the voting card and the member of Council shall then sign the voting card.

The Clerk will collect all marked and signed voting cards and read aloud the name of the member of Council and his or her vote. The candidate who receives more than one-half of the votes cast of all voting members of Council shall be selected and a by-law enacted to appoint the successful candidate.

Where the votes cast are equal for the candidates, the tie will be broken by selecting a candidate by lot to fill the vacancy, as conducted by the Clerk. The Clerk shall place the two candidates' names into a container on equal sizes of paper and draw the successful candidate.

Upon conclusion of the voting, the Clerk will declare the candidate receiving the votes of more than one-half of the number of the voting members of Council or the candidate selected by lot. The appointment of the candidate will be made by by-law and a by-law confirming the appointment will be enacted by Council. The Clerk will then administer the Oath of Office."

That will trigger a vacant seat in either Ward 5 or 6, which council has already determined they will appoint from an application process.

Thursday night's meeting in the council chambers in Alliston is open to the public, it begins at 7 pm.

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