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Piece of Beeton history could move to Alliston

Posted January 8, 2018

A building believed to have been used as a workshop by David Allanson Jones in the 19th century could be relocated to Riverdale Park in Alliston as a means of preserving it.

The matter is on tomorrow night's Heritage Committee agenda, which includes a recommendation to request council approve a feasibility study, including cost implications, for moving the structure located at 14 Dale Drive in Beeton, to the Museum on the Boyne site and accepting it as a part of the town's Heritage inventory.

Photo circa 2011

In his report to the committee, Patrick D’Almada, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, notes the property located at 14 Dale Drive, "has verbally offered to donate the existing structure to the Town of New Tecumseth in recognition of its local historical significance."

"Beeton historian Bert Platt and others have concluded that the structure was originally used as a workshop by David Allanson Jones, for whom Beeton was named. It originally stood near the Queen's Hotel, which sat at the northeast corner of Main Street and Centre Street. In the first decades of the 20th century the building was purchased by Herb Murray, who relocated it to its present location and used it for the manufacture of toys. Later the building was used as a machine shop."

The structure is made of wood and includes a metal roof, windows that appear to have been added and altered unevenly over time, and a side overhang, likely the remains of a porch,"according to the report.

"Depending on structural integrity and the potential costs of relocation, the building could be a worthwhile addition to the Museum on the Boyne property as it would add Beeton representation to the outbuildings currently preserved at that site."

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