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County prepares way for OP amendment for new waste sites in Springwater

Posted June 7, 2018

Simcoe County councillors will be asked Tuesday to adopt an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) to facilitate the development of an Environmental Resource Recovery Centre that includes an Organics Processing Facility for the longterm processing of source-separated organics, a Materials Management Facility for the transfer of garbage, recyclables and source-separated organics, a potential future Materials Recovery Facility, and ancillary uses."

The OPA would apply to 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road, Springwater Township, whose subject site is approximately 84 hectares (207.6 acres), inside a County forest, of which the  ERRC footprint is estimated at 4.5 hectares (11.12acres). Of that 1.0 hectares (2.5 acres) for the access road. The designed capacity for the MMF is 30 years and 30,000 tonnes per year for OPF and incorporates future growth projections for the County, including potential for Barrie and Orillia.

Below are the multi-million dollar primary and secondary uses proposed by the County

Materials Management Facility (MMF)
Facility for the consolidation of waste including garbage, recyclables and organics from multiple collection vehicles into larger, higher volume transfer vehicles for more economical shipment to other disposal or processing locations (referred to as a transfer facility). The MMF will likely be a multiple storey building approximately 10 to 15 metres in height and consist of a pre-engineered steel frame structure with exterior walls constructed of concrete and steel sheeting. The proposed area of the MMF is approximately 0.3 hectares (0.74 acres).

Organics Processing Facility (OPF)
Facility where source-separated organics and potentially materials such as leaf and yard waste, pet waste and diapers are processed under controlled conditions and converted into other valuable products such as compost or fertilizer. The County’s procurement process for the OPF will be open to all types of aerobic and anaerobic digestion technologices. Both types of techologies are engineered biochemical processes involving the decay of organic materials but involve different conditions and produce different outputs. The proposed area of the OPF is approximately 1.0 hectare (2.5 acres).

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
Facility for the processing and separating of co-mingled recyclable materials into its core components such as paper, glass, metals and plastics for marketing and shipment to end-user manufacturers. The proposed area of the MRF is approximately 0.4 hectares (1 acre).

Truck Servicing Facility
Facility for servicing the County’s fleet of Solid Waste Management vehicles with 2 to 3 repair bays. It is noted that this facility will not be for servicing contracted waste collection vehicles.

Administration Facility
Facility for administrative offices, meeting spaces, washroom and changeroom, lunchroom and public education area. The proposed area of the administration area and the truck servicing facility is approximately 0.045 hectares (4,843 square feet).

Stormwater Management Facility
Facility for stormwater management controls that will mitigate the increase of surface runoff from the impervious areas, maintain existing water quality and quantity conditions and address pre to post conditions. Components of the facility include vegetative filter strips, vegetative swale, stormwater management pond, and a drainage ditch along the access road to convey any overflow. The proposed area of the stormwater management facility is approximately 0.6 hectares (1.48 acres).

The County has received assurances from the Ministry of Environment it has met the requirements outlined in the Local Air Quality Regulation (0. Reg. 419/05), for the land use merits of planning application.

In a May 7, 2018 letter to Simcoe County Warden Gerry Marshall, Environment Minister Chris Ballard states "ministry staff are satisfied with the additional work the County and its consultants have undertaken with respect to air quality and odour issues to support the County's proposed COPA for this facility. Ministry staff have provided recommendations to help outline considerations the County should keep in mind during detailed design phases with respect to air quality, which will need to be addressed through the Environmental Compliance Approval application process."

The County's decision is appealable to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (formerly the OMB).

"Additional studies that will be required as part of site plan approval include a Compensation Planting Plan, Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report, Environmental Management Plan, Wildlife Management Plan, Fire Prevention Plan, and Emergency Response Plan. The additional required studies have been incorporated into the official plan amendment and will be prepared in consultation with, and to the satisfaction, of the applicable agencies. The review agency had no further objections to the proposed official plan amendment. With these and the mitigation measures documented in the supporting reports, it is the opinion of planning staff that any issues have been adequately addressed."

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