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County loan to Innisfil's InnService never accessed with expiry in September

Posted March 8, 2018

Simcoe County's $57.7 million loan arrangement with InnService Municipal Service Corporation in 2016 to help finance the first phase of servicing the Innisfil Heights Hwy 400 corridor is set to expire in September 2018, never having been accessed because of continued delays in the project.

And with time running out on the current term of council and an October 2018 municipal election, the County is looking for "renewed options" to support InnService.

Innisfil Heights, located in the area around Innisfil Beach Road and Hwy 400, is a designated employment area in the provincial growth plan, and is tagged with a "potential for 2,700 new jobs by 2031 plus additional spinoff employment."

Full infrastructure upgrades are estimated to cost approximately $200 million, which was beyond Innisfil's debt capacity, and without development prospects for upfront funding.

"Though final decisions have not yet been made on the exact details, it is anticipated that water and wastewater infrastructure will be required along Innisfil Beach Road," according to the report to County councillors on the March 13 agenda. "The County will be widening and reconstructing this corridor beginning in 2018, and provisions are being made within the first intersection contracts at County Road 4 and County Road 54 to accommodate water and wastewater piping to avoid going back after the intersection contracts are complete. It will be necessary to work with the Town to determine the exact location and configuration of other infrastructure. The Town is also asking for the County to place a trail within this corridor to connect to the Innisfil Heights area."

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