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County council to vote on mediation for 'future roles' in water, wastewater

Posted March 13, 2017

Simcoe County's mayors and deputy mayors, who sit as County council, will be asked tomorrow morning to set their towns on a course that opens the door to the upper tier's involvement in municipal water and wastewater operations.

What form the County's involvement would take isn't clear yet but would be hashed out with the aid of a provincial facilitator "to initiate discussions with Simcoe municipalities regarding potential future roles of the County and its local municipalities in the provision of coordinated, sustainable water and wastewater servicing in accordance with the Provincial Growth Plan."

It's a motion that flowed out of last month's County Governance Committee, a group that hadn't met since November 2015. Warden Gerry Marshall, mayor of Penetanguishene, moved the motion, while Adjala Tosorontio deputy mayor Doug Little was its seconder. Two days prior to the Feb. 17 Governance meeting, Adjala Tosorontio cancelled its RFP process that was set up to create a public private partnership to finance, design, build, and operate a new sewage treatment plant in Everett.

Essa Township mayor Terry Dowdall, who as deputy warden, is chair of the Governance Committee, recused himself from the chair to express his opposition to the County's entry into water and wastewater. He told Free Press Online at the time that Essa would not take part in the mediation process.

Despite the results of the vote at County council, it's not binding on the municipalities because water and wastewater is a lower tier jurisidiction. New Tecumseth council has not had a discussion, at least not in public session, as to any interest in the County's invovlement in the local operation. New Tecumseth and Collingwood are currently trying to negotiate a long term deal, including a financial arrangement to build a new water treatment plant in Collingwood. Barring failure to reach a consensus, New Tecumseth could turn to Wasaga Beach as the pipeline from Collingwood to Alliston runs through that community.

Mayor Rick Milne told Free Press Online this afternoon via email, "I will take into consideration the information that has been and will be provided at County Council and vote in the best interest of New Tecumseth." And, deputy mayor Jamie Smith told Free Press Online he's likely to support the motion. "Depends of course on what's said tomorrow but probably in favour," Mr. Smith said in a text reply. "No one ... has made a sensible argument against. It would definitely improve our finances."

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