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County councillors pay, expenses top $731k in 2017

Posted March 7, 2018

(ED Note: The original story posted used information for the Warden's salary the County had published ($62,955) that did not include the value for the Warden's vehicle which is provided. The update reflects the adjusted amount).

UPDATED March 8, 2018

Simcoe County councillors cost ratepayers $731,678 in 2017. Of that, $610,862 was in salaries, and $120,816 for expenses.

Warden Gerry Marshall, mayor of Penetanguishene, was paid a salary of $72,488, and $13,820 in expenses. Deputy warden Terry Dowdall, mayor of Essa, was paid $41,970, and claimed $14,073 in expenses.

County councillors - the mayors and deputy mayors from each of the 16 municipalities - are paid a flat base of $8,479 plus $212 per meeting they attend.

New Tecumseth mayor Rick Milne was paid $17,479 and claimed $3,088 in expenses. The late deputy mayor Jamie Smith, who died Aug. 1, 2017, was paid $8,906 and $1,098 in expenses. Donna Jebb, who replaced Mr. Smith, was paid $2,466 and $36,72 in expenses.

Adjala Tosorontio mayor Mary Small Brett, $16,750 and $3,949 in expenses. Deputy mayor Doug Little, $17,750 and $4,383 in expenses.

Essa deputy mayor Sandi MacDonald, $14,321 and $1,126 in expenses.

Ramara mayor Basil Clarke, was at the top of the council pay package at $19,704 and 3,273 in expenses.

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