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County, developers reach deal on DC rate

Posted November 8, 2017

Simcoe County and the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) reached a settlement recently on the latter group's appeal of the upper tier's updated development charges, knocking $625 off the per unit rate for single and semi detached homes. The new County rate is $8,721 down from $9,346.

DCs for rows and other units was reduced from $7,748 to $7,230, a drop of $518; and for apartments, from $5,275 to $4,922, a $353 decrease.

The County's non-residential DC rate is $33.01 per gross sq. ft, down from $33.45.

All development charges received for 2017 will be adjusted to the new rates and reimbursement
payments will be issued. The 2018 budget and LTFP estimates reflect these adjustments.

County and Education DCs are collected at the municipal level and remitted quarterly.

In New Tecumseth, the combined DCs on a single or semi-detached unit, including water and wastewater, is $47,819 or $28,521 excluding water and wastewater.

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