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New lights coming for Coventry, Doner diamonds

Posted January 13, 2020

RPM Industrial Ltd will be awarded a $326,176 contract - excluding taxes - for installing new lights on diamond one in Coventry Park, Tottenham, and replacing the lights and upgrading the electrical service panels at Doner diamond in Alliston.

The Coventry Park project, which will cost $218,376, includes Tottenham's CRIC contributing $15,000 and the ball leagues about $35,000 to complete the lighting of all three diamonds intended to alleviate scheduling pressures by accommodating more night games.

Work at Doner will cost $107,800 and will utilize existing wooden poles currently in-use since 1965, along with trenching for new electrical cabling and conduit. In this case, lights at Doner don't meet Electrical Safety Authority standards and were not permitted to be used, meaning thd diamond was only for daylight games.

"The timing of these works are on a critical path as the current Doner diamond lighting has been deemed as non compliant with ESA standards and safe operations. For this reason these works are required to proceed immediately through the winter months to ensure there is no implications to the Diamond bookings for May 2020 and our user groups," according to the report to council on tonight's agenda. "The works at Coventry park are also important as a third light diamond is required in order to meet all the booking requirements for the coming season."

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