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Innisfil set to lower speed limits within Cookstown

Posted May 10, 2017

Innisfil council is expected tonight to approve a draft bylaw that would reduce the speed limit within the approximate 14 block area that comprises the Cookstown Heritage District from 50 km/h to 40 km/h. Also included are Garibaldi Street, Riley Street, Copeland Crescent, Kidds Lane, Cloverhill Crescent and Heritage Road.

"George Street, Centre Street, Wellington Street, and East John Street all cross the boundary of the Cookstown Heritage Conservation District (HCD)," according to the report to council on tonight's agenda. "In order to simplify enforcement, and to ensure that an isolated 50 km/h zone does not end up sandwiched between two 40 km/h zones, the draft by-law proposes making these roads 40 km/h for their entire lengths. Flay Court is outside of the HCD, but all the roads which lead to it are to be posted at 40 km/h. To avoid having an isolated 50 km/h zone, the draft by-law proposes making Flay Court 40 km/h along its entire length."

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