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Innisfil approves condominium development in Cookstown

Posted October 11, 2017

Land zoned originally for an 18-unit apartment building at 34 King Street in Cookstown, has been rezoned to accommodate a 16-unit vacant land condominium comprised of 11 townhouse units, four single-detached dwellings, and two single-detached lot severances with frontage on King Street South.

An historically significant gothic revival dwelling that is on the Town's Heritage Registry List built in 1868, recently used as a six-plex, and known as ‘Ravenscraig’ (also known as ‘Hindle Manor’) is located on the property, and will be preserved. It was built by Christopher Cooke, the son of Thomas Cooke, who played an important role in the development of Cookstown and from which Cookstown's name is derived.

The development will be hooked up to municipal services, but it will not receive County waste collection, or municipal snow removal services.

The Simcoe County District School Board objected to the zoning amendment until allocation is provided for expansion of Cookstown Central Public School.

"(Innisfil) Staff recognize the need for school expansions with respect to new development.
Therefore, Staff are undertaking a technical review of School Board allocation needs and
will include this in future sewage allocation processes."

To the west of the subject lands is the recently final approved and registered Cookshill South
subdivision, consisting of 85 single-detached dwellings.

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