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Compensation review for staff, council coming in January

Posted December 4, 2018

A review of salaries paid to New Tecumseth's approximate 121 full-time, 43 part-time/seasonal, and firefighters, along with council remunerations is expected to be presented in January 2019.

The compensation review carried out by Gallagher McDowall Associates for approximately $35,000 (according to the June 2017 initial tender award) is also expected to deal with vacation entitlements, tuition allowances/reimbursements and paid leaves. It would be the first update since 2010.

Council's 2017 budget added approximately $1.3 million in additional labour costs, and about $876,941 in 2016.

New Tecumseth had 20 members of staff paid over $100,000 in 2017, with now retired CAO Brendan Holly topping out over $200,000.

The mayor's basic annual salary is $36,320; Deputy Mayor, approximately $27,000; and Ward councillors, $21,229. Municipal councillors across the province will their one-third tax exemption, and it's expected that difference in remunerations will be supplemented in New Tecumseth at minimum so as not to represent a pay cut.

Councillors also receive benefits or pay in lieu of; car allowance; mileage; phone and internet; and conference expenses.

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