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Public meeting tonight for north Alliston's first commercial development

Posted July 12, 2017

A planning public meeting to deal with a commercial development application in Alliston's north east end will take place tonight starting at 7 pm in the council chambers.

The proponent, Poetry Living, whose Parkside subsdivision, includes a convenience commercial proposal at the south east corner of Gray and Boyne Street. The subject site is approximately 0.5 ha (1.24 acre) in size, with 39.94 metres (131 feet of frontage along Downling Road, and approximately 113.5 metres (372 feet) of frontage along Gray Avenue.

Poetry Living has applied for official plan and zoning bylaw amendments to expand the permitted uses currently limited to convenience retail establishments and personal service establishments. The expanded uses include:

Health Services Establishment;
Professional, Financial and Office Support Services;
Eating & Drinking Establishment;
Commercial School;
Veterinary Clinic;
Private school;
Retail Establishments; and
Day Nursery.

The day nursery requires the OP amendment because it's an institutional use.

The report from the Town planning department notes the original commercial proposal was based on a Market Needs Study undertaken during the preparation of the Alliston Secondary Plan which set the limits "to provide for the day to day needs of the immediate surrounding residential neighbourhoods."

There is no commercial in the north end which has grown by more than 1,000 new homes in the past few years.

The staff report notes Poetry Living has conducted a new market impact study which is now undergoing peer review.

"The applicant has asserted that the additional proposed uses will maintain the intent of the Convenience Commercial designation by continuing to provide uses that meet the day to day needs of the surrounding community. ... It also allows for multi modal access to the site, and plans to provide pedestrian connections to and though the site, as well as bicycle parking facilities."

For its part, the Town sets out further requirements from the proponent, including consideration of the comments from the Market Impact Study peer reviewer; detailed analysis of the zone standards proposed; and Satisfaction of all department and agency concerns.

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