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Angus clock tower to start ticking again

Posted February 5, 2018

Essa councillors are expected to award a $11,180 US to Cincinnati based Verdin Company for the shipping and installation of four new mechanisms with new hands to repair the clock tower on King Street in Angus.

Council set the funding aside in the 2018 budget for repairs to the clock located at Centennial Centre which was purchased in 2001, but hasn't worked for the past few years.

"The Verdin Company provides maintenance and repairs on the same type of clock tower in the
Town of Bradford," according to the report to council. "As such, they are knowledgeable about the operation and mechanics of the Clock Tower in Angus, and have provided a quote to the author of this report for the purchase/installation/repairs required to make the Centennial Centre Clock Tower operational once again."

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