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Child killer from Alliston out on day parole in Winnipeg

Posted February 19, 2019

Wayne Sibbald McBride, 59, originally from Alliston, who sexually abused and killed his six-week old daughter in November 1985, is now on day parole at a halfway house in Winnipeg.

In 1985 McBride, then 26 and Brenda Bondy, 18, met and were engaged in Alliston. Shortly after the wedding they moved to Peterborough for his job, Ms. Bondy told Free Press Online this morning via email. Their daughter Alecia was born that same year in September.

"When my baby was born we moved to my parents in Thorold," Ms. Bondy said. "His parents and family resided in Alliston."

Six weeks later the infant was dead.

"Literally I went to work one day and called home to check on things at home, you know being a new mom and being away from home and that so you call in on your lunch break and I got this horrible feeling and horrible news," Ms. Bondy told CBC Manitoba in a story posted Feb. 18 related to the day parole notice. "If I remember correctly I think he said 'I think the baby's dead,' and that was literally all I needed to hear and I was out the door from work and in a taxi."

McBride was arrested and charged with first degree murder. He pled guilty to second degree murder and was originally sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for 12 years. The Crown appeal succeeded in raising that to 15 years. He was originally serving in Ontario, then transferred out west.

Ms. Bondy told Free Press Online McBride was released on day parole the first time in 2009 and reincarcerated in 2011 for committing sex crimes and drug offences, according to the public notice.

"One time many years ago when he was out on the first day parole, I received a phone call he was unaccounted for at the halfway house and was under arrest for breach and they didn't know his whereabouts," she said. "It was a scary uneasy long weekend let me tell you."

Ms. Bondy has devoted her time since 1985 to keep in prison, and has spoken publicly about Victim Justice issues.

"They assessed him minimum and gave him unescorted passes til this day parole. It's so maddening they'd deem a violent sex offender murderer minimum risk and release him into the community. I believe the system has been protecting him and the information being released about his past and where he has been released to," she said. "I believe the parole board or police should be releasing their picture and whereabouts so past and present cities he lived at or had family connection to are aware. Do you know he isn't on any sex offender registry, I made sure he is in the informal one. He is serving a life sentence but if he doesn't go to his parole officer or a community is unaware of him, how can anyone be watching him?"

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