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BWG, Innisfil nearing even cost sharing split on policing

Posted February 6, 2018

Bradford West Grillimbury's share of the South Simcoe Police Services' $18,160,354, 2018 operating budget, is $8,593,480 or 47.32 per cent, while Innisfil's portion is $9,566,874, or 52.68 per cent. The $830,073 capital budget is funded 50/50.

The operating budget split is the 8th year in a row BWG's percentage share has increased creating an offsetting decrease for Innisfil.

BWG and Innisfil entered into a policing partnership in November 1996, whose cost sharing formula is based on the number of households, CVA, and population. In the first year, Innisfil's share was 58.82 per cent to 41.18 per cent, BWG.

Since the 2017 update, BWG has increased by 640 households and Innisfil has increased by 596 households and BWG's CVA has grown at a faster pace than that of Innisfil's over the past year. The result is $40,905 shift from Innisfil to BWG in 2018.

South Simcoe Police's 2018 operating budget will covers a total staff of 128, including 84 sworn officers.

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