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Capital priorities list includes Tottenham PS addition

Posted March 5, 2018

An estimated $4.5 million addition to Tottenham Public School has made it onto the Simcoe County District School Board's capital projects priorities list for the first time, along side a fourth attempt to replace Banting Memorial High School, and a new elementary school in Alliston.

The proposed projects are on the "need within a three year planning horizon" and will be prioritized for funding consideration from the Ministry of Education.

Banting's replacement school remains one of the top priorities, as it faces $12,650,278 in renewal requirements over the next five years with a replacement value of $41,311,990.

A new elementary school in Alliston is anticipated to be located in the Treetops community - which is also where the newly approved Catholic elementary school will be located. According to the Board's report, there are 1,300 units that have received approval in Alliston and are either under construction, or soon will be. There are another 1,500 units draft plan approved and an additional 600 units being proposed.

The capital project under consideration is to construct a new 406 pupil place school in the community of Alliston.

The Board has moved Tottenham PS into the frame as residential construction is well underway with 700 recent housing occupancies, and childcare wait lists.

"The board expects to see significant intake in the primary division over the next 2-5 years. Currently there are 270 units registered and under construction and 465 units draft plan approved."

A new elementary school in Angus is also identified as 716 housing units have received approval and are either under construction, or soon will be. There are another 320 units draft plan approved with an additional 1,000 units being proposed. A new school would accommodate 357 pupils.

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